MEAN Little deaf Queer: A Memoir by Terry Galloway

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Publisher: Beacon Press
Hardcover: 248 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8070-7290-5

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Windy City Times Nov 4, 2009


The Dr. Caroline (Kay) Picart Show”, selected audio clips
March 22, 2009

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Which Gay Books for the Next 6 Months? @ Booklist online
March 7, 2009

“The two women in our reading group who previewed this one both loved it, and it takes on deafness in the gay community.”


“Terry Galloway has written a gripping memoir—at times harrowing, at times starkly moving—that chronicles a life beset by two enormous challenges: growing up gay in a very red State, and growing up deaf. Lesser mortals would fold, but Galloway navigates the highs and lows of her life with grace, insight, and unflinching candor. My hat´s off to her as an author, and as a fellow human being.”
—Doug Wright, author of Academy Award Nominated film Quills and the Pulitzer Prize winning play, I Am My Own Wife

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Since the publication of Mean Little deaf Queer in June 2009, Terry Galloway has visited over 13 different universities and almost as many book stores throughout the United States, giving readings from her memoir that were often coupled with performances of her autobiographically based solo show Out All Night & Lost My Shoes. She and Donna Marie Nudd, her partner, director, dramaturge, interpreter and traveling companion, have also given dozens of classroom presentations about the myriad intersections of queerness, disability and performance, using their compilation of disability themed comic video shorts The Mickee Faust Gimp Parade as a somewhat off-beat teaching tool.

Beacon Press will be releasing the paperback version of Mean Little deaf Queer in June 2010.
Terry’s at work now on two other books With her family members, including her sister Tenley Parr and her nephew Paul Dow Adams, she’s putting together a collection of life and death stories about the many animals buried in the nutrient rich dirt of the Ramshackle Ranch's pet cemetery She describes it as “the darker side to All Things Bright and Beautiful

She is also working on a sequel to Mean Little deaf Queer. Tenley suggested she call it Meaner ! deafer! Queerer! But on May 4th, after Terry undergoes surgery for her cochlear implant, that title will no longer be quite apt.

Look for Terry's upcoming video blog, sponsored by Beacon Press, about that operation, pet deaths and the sequel to Mean Little deaf Queer. Title suggestions welcomed!

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"For Terry, a lip-reader whose primary language is speech, a reading is an emotionally charged dialogue between her audience and herself. Each reading, although almost always shot through with humor, is a uniquely different experience."

Selected chapters include the much anthologized
"The Performance of Drowning",
Listen to it (MP3, 67 MB).

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